DIRTT—‘Doing It Right This Time’; refers to creating unique workspaces with responsive, Agile Architectural Solutions. Self-expression and dynamic sustainability combine to produce customized, productive space that is a long-term asset. Further improving the process, DIRTT uses cutting edge design software called ICE®. Using all graphic information and instant updating, ICE vastly improves the speed, precision and custom abilities of manufacturing and installation.

DIRTT’s approach is to create the most flexible and customizable architectural interiors using modular elements. DIRTT’s Movable Walls are open to more function and more customization than any other in the industry; while simultaneously giving designers virtually unlimited freedom. For clients, these walls support their legacy furniture, they are reconfigurable and easily refinished to suit future needs. It all comes together to create an environmentally sustainable, flexible, unique and highly productive office space.

To create a fully agile space, DIRTT recommends modular plug & play power. We recommend it so much; we acquired the pioneer of the industry, Spider Agile Technology. Spider solutions give you control over the part of the office that changes the most without having to bring in expensive trades or dispose of wire every time there is a move, add or change.

Both Spider and DIRTT Walls are in ICE software. On the surface ICE is a tool that simplifies and assists the design process for modular interiors. In the background it instantly adds up quotes, parts and pieces as the design is drawn and modified. In the foreground, designers quickly create options and professional looking proposals for clients. But the most powerful implication of this first ever Java™ based design program is—design concepts no longer get passed to a manufacturer for translation into catalogued manufactured products; a method rife with error especially when dealing with modular interior elements—the image is the order.

As a company, DIRTT officially opened for business in May 2005 – but that date belies the fact that DIRTT is really a seasoned veteran in the field, comprised of experienced Modular Interior Construction experts. Construction, manufacturing, interior design and architecture – DIRTT’s leadership team is stacked with professionals from all these fields. Mogens Smed and many of his handpicked ‘DIRTT Bags’ come from the most successful movable wall company and most successful technology desking company in North America.

DIRTT has already won Best of Year Architectural Product through Interior Design magazine, Editors’ Choice from Buildings Magazine and the Excellence In Partnership award for Industry Green Contractor from the U.S. Coalition for Government Procurement.

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